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    Agrimontana is a family, made up of the natural descendants of the founder, the company workers, the technical and commercial collaborators, the farmers, the suppliers, the professionals who use the products, and those who taste and benefit from the work of an entire supply chain.
    Our story is a journey towards nature and the interpretations in the taste of pastry chefs, cooks and ice cream makers.

    Agrimontana is the epitome of tradition, authenticity and the highest level of quality standards. Extra preserves, marmalades, fruit preparation, candied chestnuts in syrup, marrons glacés, candied fruits with and without syrup, fruit jellies, cream spreads to enjoy as they are or pure nut pastes, ideal for preparing desserts and ice cream at home as well. A whole host of products bound by the desire to best preserve the characteristics of the original ingredients, to restore and appreciate the richness of our land.


    The perfectly preserved chestnut is candied with a gradual, low-temperature controlled process with syrups of increasing sugar concentration. We respect the natural slow rhythms to safeguard the flavour and original consistency. We store candied chestnuts in syrup without using preservatives. The tin or glass jar, filled with the same syrup used for candying, preserves the fragrance over time and adds ripeness and full-bodied flavour like the finest wines.

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    Preserves, purées and candied fruit are methods that tradition has passed down to us to preserve the fragrance, flavours and intense colours of nature. We select our varieties of fruit with a special focus on our districts, ethical and sustainable farming, picking at the right degree of ripeness and we make use of all the expedients, from the most traditional to technological innovation, to protect the special features of the original fruit. Our analysis laboratory and equipment allow us to check the primary ingredients and the sugars used for the processing, the biological cycle of the fruit and the modifications it undergoes during processing and preservation. We use I.Q.F. (individually quick frozen) blast chilling to capture and retain the properties of the freshly picked fruit. We guarantee preservation through gentle pasteurisation and thermal shock. The gestures, surveillance and care are employed in the name of delicacy and artisan experience: the selection of the fruit, constant monitoring during cooking and the candying process, as well as the care taken over packaging, bring benefits that respect the authenticity and the origins of the fruit. They are products that close the gap between sweet and savoury because the careful use of sugar enhances the recipe in which it is absorbed.

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